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Titebond 50

Titebond 50 is a ready to use aliphatic resin emulsion adhesive.

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Titebond II

Excellent Water-Resistance. Ideal for Exterior application. Strong initial tack -Fast set

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Titebond III

Waterproof- Superior Strength. Out performs all other Wood glues, Longer open assembly time

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Rectavit Structan Polyurethane

A ready-to-use, transparent, unfilled, wood and construction adhesive

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Rectavit Structan Xpress Polyurethane

Suitable for the water-resisting bonding of moist and dry woods alike plus more.

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Rectavit Rectan Polyurethane Liquid

Rectan is a professional high quality, waterproof , amber coloured, ready to use wood adhesive.

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Desford R15 Resorcinol

SYLVIC R15 is a resorcinol formaldehyde resin designed to be used in conjunction with RP50, L4 or L5

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Titebond Original

Titebond Original Wood Glue is the industry standard for woodworking.

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Desford 3130

Desford 3130 is a fast-setting, aliphatic resin emulsion adhesive

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Desford 4142

Desford 4142 is designed for cold press applications including finger jointing

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Multibond EZ2

Multibond EZ2 is a Cold press polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive.

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Desford 1885

Desford 1885 is a moderately fast-setting polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive.

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Cascoset Resorcinol

Cascophen R7132 / Cascoset MCAT 9131 phenol resorcinol formaldehyde adhesive

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Assembly 50

Assembly 50 is a cost-effective, very fast-setting polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive

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